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My coaching philosophy

Sometimes, it seems you are alone in the world. Your connections may get severed. You seek for answers but can’t ask the right questions. Are you ever alone, though? Of course, not; every atom and particle in this universe in under the care of a Divine Consciousness, and you are no different. However, sometimes you make a mess of things or go through difficult situations, and don’t know why. The Universe eventually connects you with something or someone who can help shine a light where you see darkness. You’re meant to evolve. An emotional fitness coach, like me, can be a facilitator to your evolution, making sure you gain new knowledge from within to find your way. This is how I view my coaching work, as assistance to your self-discovery.

I’m a musician! My kirtan (mantra music) album is specially designed to inspire your meditation journey.

About me

Want to learn how I became an emotional fitness coach? Click below to find out!

What is emotional fitness?

Emotionally fit people approach emotional challenges like exercising at the gym. Each workout makes your muscles stronger and your body healthier. An athlete embraces strenuous movements to be physically fit. Similarly, emotionally fit people embrace mental stress as helping forces to make the mind more resilient. You can workout stressful emotions by asking what is this emotion teaching me? Observe the emotion and let its wisdom come through. Letting the emotion breathe and serve a purpose can provide insight and solutions for you to take the right action. Click here to learn more.

Through my coaching sessions with Gustavo I was able to gain new insight and understanding about myself and how I approach life. His guidance helped me discover barriers to achieving goals. I am excited about the goals that I was able to.create during this process and feel empowered and inspired going forward in my new vision of my future.
Alesia Hollis
Alesia Hollis

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