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My name is Gustavo Monje and my spiritual name is Krsnatma, which means, “the essence of the divine attraction.”

When I was 17, I rode a bus to Ohio for a college interview. I sat next to a quiet man, who read most of the night.

“Would you like something to eat?” I offered in the morning.

“No, thank you. I can’t take food right now,” he said. “I haven’t done my meditation yet. I’m a monk.”

I was stunned by his answer. I didn’t realize then that as I took an interest in what he did and shared with him things about myself, I was seeking a path that would lead to the most subtle aspect of my being. My spiritual journey began.

Three weeks later, I would drive halfway across the country to meet him at my first retreat, where I learned Tantric meditation. I’m still friends with the monk I met on the bus, and over the years, have completed spiritual training in ashrams all over the world from Porangaba, Brazil to District Bokaro, India. I developed my spiritual practices thanks to the guidance of many wonderful teachers. My Youtube channel Emotionally Fit Yogi, formerly called Tantra Thoughts has reached almost one million views with over 20,000 subscribers. On my channel, I consolidated a wealth of yogic knowledge meant to inspire and educate spiritual seekers and am creating new content on emotional fitness. 

My years studying yoga have allowed me to witness first-hand the spiritual power one can gain and the emotional peace as well. Now, I would like to draw from over 20 years of experience special tools that can help you improve your emotional fitness. 

Today, I am a meditation and yogic cosmology mentor, a college professor of composition and literature, and a PhD student of Visionary Practice and Regenerative Leadership. I believe in yogic wisdom for spiritual development and also mental health. I can help you be the person you want to be, heal from emotional wounds, and get you the results you need to experience life at its full potential.

I believe you can learn from challenging emotions, commit to personal growth, create a congenial environment for yourself and others, confront systemic forces that deteriorate your mental health, and hold yourself accountable for your personal growth. Best of all, together we can create an action plan to move you forward and change your life! Schedule a free discovery session with me now to see how I can be of assistance to you.

I had an awesome time during the four week intense course of “Make Meditation a Daily Practice” instructed by Gustavo. The class was well prepared and organized. The book and the notes presented are first class material. The yoga practice before each class set the tone for a more enjoyable and relaxed class. I highly recommend this course to all the people who are interested on expanding their consciousness. The guided meditations given in this class will prepare you for your spiritual growth.
Gerardo Rodriguez

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