Are emotions like anger, worry or doubt getting in the way of your relationships, success or focus?

You are not alone. Emotions are part of our human psyche and play an important role for our survival and well-being – yes, even the scary ones like envy and hatred. They cannot be eliminated or suppressed. I believe all emotions are helpful and sometimes use tough love to get us to where we need to be. Together, we can explore the recurring emotions that challenge you and figure out what they’re trying to teach you, where they are coming from and how to improve your life. More importantly, I will teach you vital principles to help you live better, improve your relationships, attain success in what you’re seeking, stay grounded in your humanity and reach a place of transcendence. Watch this video to learn more about emotional fitness and my coaching!

Are we a good match?

We are a good match if you have an interest in yoga, meditation or spirituality. Although as a coach I use techniques that allow you to draw insight from your inner-wisdom, I still offer yogic strategies that I know will be transformative for you as asynchronous course materials outside of our sessions. I will teach you practical and spiritual knowledge from great Indian sages that taught the world how to find inner peace. Of course, I believe in yogic strategies for better emotional fitness if they are supported by science. Therefore, all of the techniques that I share with you will be reviewed by researchers to give you effective results.

I have over 20 years of experience studying and practicing meditation and yoga and not just doing breathing exercises and yoga stretches. Rather, I’ve gained a substantial understanding of deep esoteric philosophy and have taught this wisdom on my Youtube Channel Tantra Thoughts, which started in 2016. Aside from this, I would say we are good match if you’re dedicated to following through on an action-plan we create for your self-improvement, seeking to make a masterpiece out of your life, and want to have a better relationship with your emotions once and for all.

Why get coaching with Gustavo?

If  you’re curious about this, it’s clear you’re developing a commitment to improving your emotional fitness. However still, you probably want to go beyond that and also have a great relationship with your family, accomplish a big dream or become a better leader. No problem. We can create an action plan for you that meets several of these objectives including:

  • Resolve unsettled issues in your mind that are blocking your progress
  • Develop your emotional medicine bag for when challenges arise
  • Learn important principles that foster success, inner peace and harmony with others
  • Map out a plan to meet your biggest goals whether they are professional or personal
  • Develop your spiritual life with meditation and yogic practices

I am committed to creating an action plan to help you gain emotional mastery to improve different areas of your life. I am a caring, warm and attentive listener, who knows that you are not just a puzzle to be solved. I see you as an expression of the Supreme with a purpose in this life and a birthright to reach your full potential. I am here to help accelerate your evolution, without any preconceived notions of what you can do or who you can become. It would be an honor for me to assist you in the transformation you need at this time.

Meditation and Yogic Cosmology Guidance

Are you interested in going deeper into Tantra Yoga? My youtube channel shares content that many viewers have found helpful and easily accessible. However, I’m happy to personalize the spiritual knowledge on the channel for you to help you practice meditation effectively, apply yogic teachings, and help you attain your highest spiritual goals. I specialize in communicating esoteric knowledge in a way that is easy for people to understand and apply in their own life. I can teach you philosophy and practical knowledge that will help you rise above the mundane to have a deeper connection with Supreme Consciousness. 

COMING SOON JANUARY 2023! A brand new self-paced online meditation course that will give you all the tools you need to reach the goal of Tantra Yoga – oneness with Supreme Consciousness! Ask me about it now, and tell me what you would like to see, so I can add it to the course for you.

What do my packages include?


For people seeking a better relationship with their emotions. I can help…

Tantra Yoga Guidance

For people seeking to learn Tantra Yoga philosophy and meditation. I can help you…

Do you wish you could take a little bit from each category above and tailor our coaching sessions to meet different needs? No problem. We can jump around and take care of what emerges in the moment and what your real needs are.

Here are the methods that I use

Coaching Packages

I offer coaching sessions via Zoom from wherever you are.



(10% OFF)


90 min coaching session



(15 % OFF)


90 min coaching sessions



(20% OFF)


90 min coaching sessions

Terms and payment

Coaching packages can be paid up front or in 30 day installments. The installments will be automatically charged. Ideally, sessions should be completed one week apart for better results, but if this is not possible, all sessions must be completed within six months. Although, I coach clients on issues related to mental health, I am not a certified therapist and am not liable for any damages or results that were found to be inadequate. 

Life Coach Training

I completed my life coach training from Leaders of the Heart with Brazilian master trainer, Gustavo Prudente, in Rockville, MD between 2014-2015.

Formal Education

Certifications and other Trainings

Gustavo is very genuine and insightful. I have been seeing Gustavo for Reiki and spiritual Life Coaching and have been getting a lot out of our sessions. He noticed certain subtle energies and allowed issues to surface that I was unaware were really something I needed to work on. I feel refreshed and renewed when I leave his peaceful and welcoming sanctuary. Thanks for everything, Gustavo!
Katie Scott

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