Are emotions like anger, worry or doubt getting in the way of your relationships, success or focus?

You are not alone. Emotions are part of our human psyche and play an important role for our survival and well-being – yes, even the scary ones like envy and hatred. They cannot be eliminated or suppressed. I believe all emotions are helpful and sometimes use tough love to get us to where we need to be. Together, we can explore the recurring emotions that challenge you and figure out what they’re trying to teach you, where they are coming from and how to improve your life. More importantly, I will teach you vital principles to help you live better, improve your relationships, attain success in what you’re seeking, stay grounded in your humanity and reach a place of transcendence. 

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Are we a good match?

We are a good match if you have an interest in yoga, meditation or Native American philosophy. Although as a coach I use techniques that allow you to draw insight from your inner-wisdom, I still offer yogic and shamanic strategies that I know will be transformative for you. I would say we are also a good match if you’re dedicated to following through on an action-plan we create for your self-improvement.

Why get mentoring with Gustavo rather than a therapist?

Although, a therapist is professionally trained to diagnose and treat emotional problems, my methods are not bound by western paradigms. I bridge Western styles of coaching with Indigenous approaches to healing that are of a spiritual nature. I am a caring, warm and attentive listener, who knows that you are not just a puzzle to be solved. I see you as an expression of the Supreme with a purpose in this life and a birthright to reach your full potential. I am here to help accelerate your evolution, without any preconceived notions of what you can do or who you can become. It would be an honor for me to assist you in the transformation you need at this time.We can create an action plan for you that meets several of these objectives including:

  • Resolve unsettled issues in your mind that are blocking your progress
  • Develop your emotional medicine bag for when challenges arise
  • Learn important principles that foster success, inner peace and harmony with others
  • Map out a plan to meet your biggest goals whether they are professional or personal
  • Develop your spiritual life with meditation and yogic practices


"I have worked with Gustavo for about 4 years now off and on and in multiple ranges throughout my spiritual journey. Per usual, many of us pursue a greater understanding of our place here on this plane when we seem to have hit a difficult moment in life. I met Gustavo during such times in my life and he quickly became a meaningful support line due to his method of connection! Not only did I overcome these times (in a yogic manner taught by Gustavo) but he has also passed down much of his wisdom which will stay with me forever and which I shall also pass down when given the opportunity. Because of this and many, many other reasons, I strongly encourage and recommend all those searching for growth spiritually, mentally, physically and of course emotionally to reach out to him. You will not regret doing so."
Luis Orozco
"Through my coaching sessions with Gustavo I was able to gain new insight and understanding about myself and how I approach life. His guidance helped me discover barriers to achieving goals. I am excited about the goals that I was able to.create during this process and feel empowered and inspired going forward in my new vision of my future."
Alesia Hollis
Alesia Hollis
"Gustavo's work is extraordinary. He was able to help me feel validated and heard for the first time. I started my work with Gustavo when I was informed that I was going to be getting divorced. I talked with Gustavo, he listened to my story of difficulty, and helped me see that I deserved positivity, support and acknowledgement in my life. I was able to do many things, and generate some significant achievements in my life, but the achievements felt empty. Gustavo helped me see that my achievements were influenced by negativity that was being generated by people who are close to me. I was given a wonderful gift of revelation and peace, thank you Gustavo."
Lawrence Nightingale, Ph.D.

What will mentoring include?


For people seeking a better relationship with their emotions. I can help…

Coaching Packages

I offer mentoring sessions via Zoom from wherever you are.



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90 min mentoring session



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90 min mentoring sessions

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90 min mentoring sessions

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Terms and payment

Mentoring packages can be paid up front or in 2 installments (30 days apart). You will be billed for the second installment after your first payment. Ideally, sessions should be completed one week apart for better results. All sessions must be completed within six months. Although, I mentor clients on issues related to mental health, I am not a certified therapist and am not liable for any damages or results that were found to be inadequate. 

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