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Tantra Explanation - What is Tantra?

This video provides an introduction to the ancient spiritual science of Tantra. Tantra is the practice of merging one’s unit consciousness or inner self into Infinite Consciousness.

Dharma Explanation - What is Dharma?

This video explains the concept of Dharma as it was first introduced by Shiva, the founder of Tantra, 7000 years ago. Dharma is the innate characteristic of a unit being.

Mindfulness vs. Tantra (Madhuvidya)

Although, mindfulness is certainly a component of Tantra, Tantra goes further with the practice of madhuvidya. More than just focusing on the present moment as mindfulness teaches…

The Tantric Theory of Creation -
Shiva and Shakti

The Tantric theory of creation, though coming from an ancient time, not only corresponds with current scientific views but can also help to guide scientists studying creation.

Eight Limbs of Yoga Explaining in a Crime Drama!

In this, video you’ll learn ancient meditation techniques and about the 8 limbs of Ashtaunga yoga. Watch it, and you’ll get a better idea of how to apply them in your meditation!

Tantric Sex Explanation - WAIT, you really think Tantra is about sex? 🤦

Is Tantra really about sex? Click on this video to find out!
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